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Manage Time Tracking, Billing, and Accounting

With an Account Management Solution from PD-Partners you will experience the peace of mind that comes with workflows utilizing Time Matters, Billing Matters and QuickBooks. This solution will ensure your practice management, billing management and accounting tasks are integrated and completed accurately and efficiently. Your company will experience increased accuracy in billing and accounting of individual accounts while maximizing the use of accounting systems you may already have in place.
The Benefits of Time Matters
Never get lost in a sea of data when you can quickly locate any information you need by organizing and storing all information relevant to an account matter. Easily sort through contacts, emails, notes, documents, appointments and tasks from single source accessible by all qualified employees. PD Partners can customize Time Matters to fit into any workflow and meet your company’s specific needs. With Time Matters you can automate common tasks and processes to save time and optimize effectiveness and a comprehensive alert system integrated with your calendar helps you stay on top of deadlines, meetings and other due dates.

  • Centralized Account Information
  • Extensive Customization
  • Comprehensive Events & Scheduling Alert System
  • Broad Range of third-party Integrations
  • Built in Security
  • 24/7 Remote and Mobility Connectivity

We already use QuickBooks for billing, why implement Billing Matters?
Billing Matters offers basic to advanced billing options and utilizes the same database as Time Matters. Some advanced billing features include split, flat, consolidated and allocated fee arrangements. Sharing a database with Time Matters means that client information entered into either program will be accessible by both. Streamline your internal billing process, simplify the handling of recurring payables, print invoices, manage billing and view billing information that way you want.

Quickly and easily show prior payments and balances.
Create invoices that display related information such as trust funds or interest
Sort invoiced items on the fly
Integrates with existing QuickBooks systems.
Increased security

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