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IP Associates Template System for Time Matters

When using software as powerful as Time Matters it’s easy to miss all that it can truly do for your business. Without the proper configuration and employee training a company could go years not using the software to its full potential, losing money and time that could easily be saved. When you use the IPA Template System for customizing Time Matters you gain easy access to all the functionality you need without the clutter of features you’ll never use!

Why Choose an IPA Template for Time Matters?

Get up and running with Time Matters faster and save your company considerable time and money on customization.
With all your data organized in a way that specifically meets your company’s needs and workflow you will have faster access to vital case information.
When only the fields you use are displayed you can enter and find needed phone numbers, documents and other critical data with enhanced efficiency.
Quickly create common documents, tasks and checklists with the click of a button.
Less Data Entry
Enter and locate critical case data more efficiently with all your key fields displayed in an easy to navigate tab! We also leave the room for further customization such as unique fields, document templates, task delegation, and checklists that meet your firm’s specific needs.
Manage Case Information
With Power Views that display case specifics in a simplified format all important information can be found in one place, allowing anyone to quickly answer client questions. View critical information such as negotiations, damages, and a printable service list with the click of a button.
Streamline Workflow
Save time and frustration by never missing a critical step in winning your cases. With checklists that itemize required steps and allow you to quickly delegate any step in the process and easily track its progress. Most common tasks and document templates are included, and you can add as many of your own as you see fit.
Document Tracking
Save and find documents faster than ever with PD Partner Templates. Our templates come with an automatic file naming system that saves documents easily and consistently. The custom Power Views that come included allow you to easily keep track of what documents are due back to you or require your attention.

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