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data-migrate75x75Today we live in the age of data and our cache is only continuing to grow. Because data and technology are both advancing at astonishing rates, the need to replace one system with another is becoming a regular concern for growing businesses. To that end the need for expert data technicians is exploding.

Is your data under control?

Our expert data technicians can diagnose current issues and forecast problems you may encounter down the road. We create custom solutions for data migration between systems and data integrations with external sources.

Are you wondering how to get all of your transactions out of one system and into another?

Our data migration capabilities are unmatched when extracting data from Amicus, Abacus®, TimeSlips®, Outlook®, PCLaw®, QuickBooks®, Excel® and many other software systems. But extracting the data is only half of it. Manipulating the extracted data and successfully loading it into a new or centralized system is the equally important other half. PDP has the experience and knowledge you can trust to successfully complete your data migrations.

If your data is scattered across multiple systems and created an import / export nightmare, or if you’re considering a making a move to a new critical system we can help.

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