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software solutionsAs the amount of software available to manage your firm continues to grow, having an experienced legal technology expert at your side is invaluable. Software has become an essential tool for successful professionals managing firms of all sizes. We focus on three types of software; practice management or CRM, document management, and Accounting. Some of the common features found in practice management software are: time tracking, billing, expenses, document management, matter/case management, contact management, email, calendaring, task management, conflict checks, and many other functions performed in law firms, professional service firms, and government agencies.

Practice Management Software

Success for a firm starts with well planned and executed practice management system. With the right practice management system customized to fit your firm’s needs, you can easily and efficiently manage every piece of information within your business. Whether it’s phone calls, emails, documents, workflow automatization, or billable time, our focus is on Practice Management solutions that provide your firm the administrative tools to successfully manage your firms growth.

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A complete practice management solution with highly customizable lists, QuickTabs and Powerviews users can organize and display all relevant information such as appointments, tasks, contacts, documents, emails and case notes in a single place. Time Matters will seamlessly integrate with all of the leading billing and accounting programs, Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, Adobe Acrobat and Reader, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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A complete practice management solution built on the platform. With a focus on relationship management this toolset that will assist your firm in recognizing relationships within your database so you can quickly identify conflicts and new opportunities. Take advantage of the many features in AdvologixPM to efficiently manage clients and matters, groups and docket scheduling, forms and document automation, document management, time tracking, billing, retainers, invoicing, and more.



A complete practice management solution for law firms. ActionStep is a Saas cloud based platform for managing cases, clients, billing, workflow and has integrate email, calendars, client portals, dashboards, and automatically generated custom reports.

Manage all of your client interactions and information from one place in this cloud based CRM. From customer service to partner management along with campaign and marketing management functionality built-in, Salesforce puts it all in one easy to access system. The built-in analytics provide users with real-time insight and analysis so they don’t miss a single opportunity.

 Document Management Software

Law Firms, Government Agencies, and Professional Service Providers all have document needs. From management, storage, automation, assembly, collaboration, and sharing, to security..all practices have a wide variety of document needs. A firm’s success can often be directly affected by their ability to quickly locate and produce accurate documents. With a properly configured Document Management System you can organize all internal and external documents in a database that is searchable by type and content. With assembly and automation software you can reduce the time needed to create complex documents to the click of a button. We work with Document Software that can meet any professional organizations needs, whether as a stand alone application or completely integrated with a practice management solution.

Generate customized documents in minutes rather than hours. Through the use of templates and automation even the most complicated documents can be created quickly and without error. Create a workflow questionnaire for each template that removes the need for a find and replace process while only asking for the necessary information and reducing the risk of user error. Whether you’re a small firm looking to get a foothold in the market or a larger firm looking to improve productivity, HotDocs can provide an effective system.

Access your documents from anywhere and at anytime with this cloud based Document Management solution. Because everything is stored in the cloud you can easily create, access and collaborate on your documents and share the final products with your clients. NetDocuments can reduce your IT budget and improve your document security by eliminating the need and responsibility of computer servers.

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A comprehensive, practical, sensible and scalable document management solution for law firms and other businesses. Don’t get stuck spending hours looking for a single scanned document, with Worldox all electronic documents and communications are stored and organized in one easy to navigate place. All documents and scans can quickly be found using specific profile information such as Client, Matter, Document Type, Author and more!

Billing and Accounting Software

Billing & Accounting software is required, even for solo firms. Proper setup and optimization of billing and accounting systems is proven to reduce overhead and increase billable time.
Is it time to set-up or integrate your billing system?
Our team of legal technology experts work with industry leading software and reliable infrastructure configurations to ensure your current and future needs are met.
If you dealing with paper time logs or file export, import madness, we can help. Our proven solutions address the complex billing and accounting requirements that law firms and professional service providers deal with. Going beyond industry knowledge, our solutions are backed with the technical acumen to tackle any infrastructure issues. Whether you need a standalone system or are looking to integrate and or extend a system, consider that our solutions embrace:

  • Automating accounting & bookkeeping processes
  • Reduce time spent on billing
  • Reduce duplication and errors
  • Custom reports
  • IOLTA account Analysis
  • Compliance with record keeping for trust accounts
  • Simplified bank reconciliation, payroll and accounts payable

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Part of the Practice Management Suite Billing Matters is a companion product to Time Matters and integrates with accounting programs such as QuickBooks® and PC Law®, together they create a complete, fully integrated billing solution with basic and advanced accounting capability. Billing Matters offers you flexible control over your billing processes. Save time entering billable hours and streamline your existing internal billing process to maintain controls with LexisNexis Billing Matters.

A software program designed to manage bookkeeping, billing, payroll and other financial processes in your firm. Complete with industry specific software packages, additional customizations, and other integratable third-party programs (including Time Matters) that enhance current functions. Print checks, pay bills, manage payroll, process credit cards and track expenses all from one location. Let QuickBooks save you time by streamlining your financial functions.

Software Solutions April 2, 2012

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