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Our Document Management Services for the HotDocs system

HotDocs Document Generation Software

HotDoc-gold-partner117x78With decades of experience automating a wide variety of documents, our consultants have the know-how and technical expertise to build a HotDocs system that maximizes your efficiency and ROI. Our consulting team includes experienced legal technology consultants, project managers, software engineers, and trainers. All of whom will work together to ensure your implementation, integration, training and launch go off without a hitch.

Save time by accessing your current data systems!
HotDocs document generation solutions can integrate with many organization’s existing systems transforming the way you use your office technology and increasing efficiency and revenue. HotDocs works as a stand-alone application and has complete integration with Time Matters and other practice management solutions. When integrated, with a PM system such as Time Matters, your data will flow directly into your documents quickly, accurately and without the double data entry.

Could you benefit from getting a document done in half the time, how about a fraction of it?
This powerful and flexible document assembly tool allows you to automate the generation of simple and complex transactional documents and forms. Consequently, HotDocs is standard equipment for many of the world’s largest corporations, law firms, and government agencies. Quickly and easily convert word-processing documents and PDF forms into powerful templates. A template generates custom, transaction-ready documents based on a question-and-answer interview. This process takes a fraction of the time it once did, all while providing machine precision: every pronoun in the correct case, every verb in the correct tense, and all the right clauses in all the right places.


HotDocs April 23, 2012

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