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Cloud Computing for Law Firms

Using the Cloud or SaaS software solutions means leveraging the Internet to deliver computing services that typically require expensive in house resources that few are successful at managing.  It means lower IT and hardware costs and avoiding the loss when your servers go down. You can backup and store entire databases, continue to use your current workflows and process documents, email and more within the cloud!

PD-Partners Cloud Solutions


A cloud based document management solution that is similar to server based solutions. Documents and emails can be automatically sorted by Client, Matter, etc. and saved to a specific folder. These documents are stored on the Internet, which means they are accessible from any Internet connection and allows for easier sharing of documents with clients. NetDocuments is also scalable so whether you’re a single attorney or a large international firm, this document automation software can save you money.

Case Management Systems

From client-intake to final billing, Action Step and Advologix for Law Firms provide comprehensive practice management solutions that will help you grow your practice, cut-costs, and drive productivity with better case execution.

Benefit from Comprehensive Matter Management with easily accessible task tracking, activities, documents, notes,contacts, and more while utilizing automated Best Practices to ensure a quality work process.

What Can You Do with Cloud Computing?


Save money while being able to access your information from anywhere. Because the Cloud is hosted on the Internet you will experience less local infrastructure needs such as servers and you will also be able to access vital case information from any computing site, even mobile devices!


When databases are hosted on the Cloud employees are still able to enter and share data as if the database was local. This saves you money on the expensive hardware requirements of hosting a database in your office.

Information Services

Online services like LexisNexis can be accessed through the cloud allowing you to quickly and easily research current cases from anywhere!


Microsoft Office365, Advologix, Google docs and Gmail are examples of applications being hosted on the Cloud. Instead of needing to meet desktop requirements access word processing and email applications all from within your browser. Allowing you to work from anywhere with an Internet connection.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing:

No Hardware and Lower IT Costs!

Cloud computing will reduce the need to host data in house which means less hardware!

If a vendor tells you that a dedicated SQL Server is needed to run their billing software, you could spend over $10,000.00 for the hardware and licensing. However, with a Cloud based solution you could purchase space on a hosted Server for hundreds. Furthermore, since the SaaS or Cloud provider is responsible for server maintenance and upgrades you can do more with less IT staff.

Easy Expansion

When you add a new employee to an in house network you could spend $1000’s on a workstation, required software and office space needed for them to work. With a Cloud based network adding a new employee can be as simple as giving them login credentials. When you need more server room you simply increase your cloud package. No waiting for servers to be installed and configured just expand and use.

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