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Configuring Text Searchable Documents in Time Matters

Configuring Text Searchable Documents in Time Matters

Originally published on
February 28th, 2011
A client of mine recently asked “are the attachments inside emails saved to Time Matters text-searchable?”. The answer is that they can be if TM is properly configured. If your users save emails to TM and leave the attachments in the email (not the best practice by the way), the attachments may be text-searchable using the Document Search feature in TM assuming the following are configured:

  1. Under Program Level Setup, “Store Email attachments outside of database” is selected • “Encrypt externally stored attachments” is not selected
  2. The folder in which attachments are stored is included in a TM Document Index (optional, but recommended)
  3. When doing a document search, the *.* filter is used (attachments stored outside of TM in this way do not have file extensions)
  4. The original file was of a text-searchable type (Word, Excel, OCR’d PDF, etc.)

With all this said, my recommendation is that you TMSave the attachments to make them Document records in TM instead of keeping them as attachments to the email. After all, if the document is important enough to save it is best if everyone can see it as a Document record.

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